Job Title: E-commerce General Manager (1)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) Bachelor degree or above, major in Marketing, E-commerce or related subjects, more than three years of work experience in e-commerce;
2) Unique creative thinking and innovation sense, keen market insight, have unique views in product sales;
3) Have the ability to organize and lead a team independently;
4) Familiar with the overall market situation and development trend of e-commerce;。
5) Have certain concepts and solving abilities in terms of e-commerce system technologies.
2. Responsibilities:span>
1) Totally responsible for the operation management work of the company’s e-commerce and develop feasible and stage e-commerce operation programs;
2) Prepare the overall e-commerce operation program and build an e-commerce platform;
3) Responsible for planning, negotiation and supervision of media cooperation projects;
4) Have strong analysis abilities to product costs pricing and marketing data, organize to decompose the quarter and annual brand sales plan, profit objectives and sales strategies.
5. Make a comprehensive analysis to competitors’ products and industry conditions, adjust the competition strategy and marketing channels timely;
6. Lead the team to conduct business planning and development depending on internal and external resources, responsible for the research and application of e-commerce business model;
7. Responsible for market development and seek for opportunities for cooperation;
8. Responsible for the company’s business team building and continuously enhance the company’s core competitiveness;
Salary: 1. Preparation Stage: 4,000-5,000 yuan base salary, 2. Development Stage: Base salary + equity incentive
Job Title:Foreign Trade Merchandiser (2)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) College degree or above, with CET4, pure and fluent oral English;
2) More than 2 years of work experience, familiar with international trade operation;
3) Have certain understanding to the production process of shoes; he who has related work experience is preferred;
4) Have teamwork spirit, willing to accept challenges, strong anti-pressure abilities, good communication, management, logic and organization abilities;
5) Able to cooperate with the company to complete the set targets.
2. Responsibilities:
1) Responsible for communication work with the customer side, deliver customers’ requirements and comments on product quality and all other aspects to the production workshop, do feedback well, and sort and archive customers’ requirements and comments in the meantime;
2) Responsible for collating sample orders and large cargo orders;
3) Responsible for ordering all materials needed for sample shoe orders and track the progress of materials;
4) Communicate with the development department, responsible for tracking the production schedule of sample shoes, make it into a report and feed back to the customer side;
5) Responsible for sorting and archiving shoe packaging materials;
6)Complete other tasks arranged by the superior.。
Salary: Negotiable

Job Title:Foreign Trade Salesman (2)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) College degree or above, with CET4, pure and fluent oral English;
2) Familiar with all aspects of foreign trade business process; understand matters needing attention when signing foreign trade contracts and foreign trade risk control measures;
3) He who has more than two years of practical operating experience in international trade is preferred;
4) Familiar with shoemaking workflow; he who has relevant work experience is preferred;
2. Responsibilities:
1) Promote with channels provided by the company (Alibaba member, etc.) or other network platforms; seek for overseas customers via email, MSN, Trademanager, etc., communicate with them, sort and reply the inquiries and do follow-up work well;
2) Maintain good communication with customers; while maintaining good relationships with old customers, develop new customers by right of industry platforms, responsible for product sales in foreign markets;
3) Responsible for negotiation with customers and assist customers to complete project payment;
4) Collect business information, master market dynamics and report to the leader timely;
5) Assist to do after-sales service work well.
Salary: Negotiable
Job Title:Assistant (2)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) Bachelor degree or above, can speak English and Italian; he who has more than 3 years of translation experience and overseas work experience is preferred;
2) Excellent translation skills cautious, flexible, and a strong sense of responsibility;
3) Good teamwork spirit and communication skills.
2. Responsibilities:
1) Conduct oral and written Chinese-Italian and Chinese-English translations as required;
2) Assist the chairman and other related department teams with daily work, such as meeting arrangement, meeting summary, document preparation and administrative support;
3) Complete tasks on time with both quality and quantity guaranteed;
4) Other matters entrusted.
Salary: Negotiable
Job Title:Pricing Specialist (1)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) College degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience;
2) Familiar with shoemaking industry related knowledge, familiar with knowledge on the production of leather shoes, the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, etc;
3) Strong comprehensive analysis capabilities and business accounting abilities, certain communication skills, familiar with OFFICE software.
2. Responsibilities:
1)Responsible for collecting information on prices of raw and auxiliary materials, technologies, etc.;
2)Responsible for product procurement cost accounting;
3) Responsible for sorting and archiving product price information;
4) Complete other tasks arranged by the superior.
Salary: Negotiable

Job Title:Buyer (1)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) Male or female, 25-40 years old, married, have children, bachelor degree or above, major in English or related subjects, CET6, he who is good at oral and written English is preferred;
2) More than three years of work experience in the procurement of goods;
3) Strong computer skills, familiar with Office software, with basic network knowledge;
4). Familiar with the procurement process; he who understands the production of leather shoes is preferred.
2. Responsibilities:
1) Master the leather procurement-related operating process;
2) Familiar with the production of leather shoes, can plan the leather procurement schedule and quality control;
3) Can communicate with customers in English, write and translate emails, and can effectively solve related problems arising in the procurement process.
Salary: Negotiable
Job Title:Quality Inspector (8)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) Male or female, 30-45 years old;
2) He who can comply with the company’s rules and regulations, identify the corporate culture, be hard-working, obey work arrangement, and has experience in the footwear industry is preferred.
Job Title:Administrative Assistant (1)
1. Job Description and Requirements:
1) Major in management and computer-related subjects, college degree or above;
2) More than two years of experience in enterprise administrative network management;
3) Can quickly locate and solve network faults.
2. Responsibilities:
1) Responsible for the daily administrative affairs;
2) Responsible for corporate culture construction, and replace the billboards regularly;
3) Daily maintenance and management to the company’s software and hardware;
4) Complete other matters arranged by the superior.
Salary: Negotiable