Message from General Manager: It has been four years since the birth of Yibei. These four years are full of hardships but also harvests. From initial entrepreneurship to collectivized operation, we have achieved that with painstaking efforts and sweat. We would like to express our thanks to people at all walks of life for their tremendous support and concern to Yibei and to every hard-working employee! Only a man who has confidence and works hard can make something, so it is to an enterprise. In the vast business sea, tens of thousands of enterprises are competing. Confidence makes us able to find a foothold in the environment with both competition and development, opportunities and challenges. And efforts make us learn be to down-to-earth and pursue unremittingly! With these two factors, an enterprise will take root for development. It makes everyone in the business shine with humanity and wisdom in life and work and makes our partners usher in the future more confidently like us. This is our wealth, also our value and more the power and faith driving us to provide customers with quality services. Excellent thought originates from excellent culture. “Be determined for Yibei, create a destiny for the follower, gather talents for prosperity, and be pioneering for development” is the principle Yibei always follows and the goal we always pursue, the essence of Yibei corporate culture, the spirit value system of Yibei and also the spirit source leading Yibei to go through the past four years and to continue to create future. Yibei is striving to build a cause platform advocating fair competition and promoting the talented, so as to make those who have both virtue and abilities realize their life value, assume more and greater social responsibilities at the same time, create more economic benefits and deliver more excellent talents for the society through improving our own operating performance. In the future, Yibei will continue to follow the trends, seize opportunities, change ideas, make innovation, cultivate talents with excellent culture, shape talents with mature management, encourage people with favorable salary and achieve greater development together with all Yibei people.